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Weezers & Geezers:

Weezers & Geezers meet every Thursday morning. Breakfast is at 8:00 A.M. with a cost of $4.00. No age requirement and you don’t have to be a Geezer! This is a fun group with lots of good stories and they have already started shooting Trap after breakfast. Remember, I’m still here all day on Thursdays so come on out, visit the Club, bring someone that may want to join and we’ll give them a personal tour.

Work Hours – contact Sharon Whaley at Please include the topic of ‘Work Hours’ in your email message, along with the number of hours worked, the date(s) worked, and the club event/project they apply to. You may also submit your hours in the clubhouse.

Newsletter – You can download or view the club Newsletter here. If you would like to submit information for an upcoming newsletter, please contact Ashley Wonnacott at ashleymarie.wonnacott@gmail.comPlease remember to submit items for the newsletter by the 15th of the month to make sure your information gets included in the next month’s issue.

Group Meetings

  • Membership/Board meeting – Second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm,
  • Geezers and Wheezers – breakfast and Trap meeting every Thursday morning at 8:30am

COSC and the NRA – the NRA is a two-part organization

Part one fights for our constitutional right the keep and bear arms under the second amendment, and provides its members with several publications to help support our constitutional rights.

Part two allows us to utilize two types of grants: Capital Improvement grants are for property upgrades and Targeted Audience grants are for hunter safety classes and the training/shooting activities for women and youths.


When joining or renewing by mail, please provide the following information:

  • Name and complete address
  • NRA Member number (if renewing)
  • Magazine you wish to receive  (American Rifleman, American Hunter or 1st Freedom)
  • A check for $35.00 (one year – $45 regular), $85.00 (three year – $100 regular), $125 (five year – $150 regular) made out to NRA.  Your receipt will be mailed to you.

Send information to Kirk Ginther  737 Brenneman, Potterville, MI 48876. Any questions, call 517-881-6022 and if you need to reach me by email that is

This procedure is not just for COSC members. Have your friends, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone renew or join through the COSC and COSC will be eligible for a $5 or 10$ commission.