COSC Range Rules

Chief Okemos Sportsman’s Club

Range Rules

Revised 6/11/21

  • COSC is a non-profit club. No individual or member may make any kind of profit from use of the club or its ranges in any way.
  • COSC liability insurance only covers Board of Director-approved activities on our property.
  • Any persons bringing the shooting portion of any class to COSC without Board approval are subject to termination. The Board of Directors will provide a permission slip signed by the President.
  • Any persons violating these rules will be subject to termination of their membership.
  1. No more than two guests allowed per membership. Members must remain with their guests at all times. Any member with guests must act as the RSO and may allow only one guest to shoot at a time.
  2. Violation of the rules can be grounds for expulsion from the Club.
  3. Exemptions to these rules may apply as permitted in Club-approved events.
  4. Hours Open to Use: 9:00 am to ½ hour before sunset, but not past 9:00 pm.
  5. You must have your membership card with you when on Club property.
  6. It is advisable to close, but not lock the gate when shooting alone, in case of emergency.
  7. Last person to leave the club must close and lock the gate.
  8. Uncased firearms must be made safe: magazines removed, actions open with open bolt (empty chamber) safety indicators inserted in chamber or barrel of gun. These safety indicators must be bright orange or bright yellow and easily visible from all points on the firing line.
  9. Eye and ear protection is required within immediate vicinity when range is in use.
  10. Always keep guns pointed in a safe direction.
  11. Always keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  12. Always keep guns unloaded until ready to shoot.
  13. No alcohol is allowed on the range. Clean up shooting area before you leave: remove targets, pick up brass, etc.
  14. No smoking on the firing line or in posted safe areas when black powder is in use.
  15. All shooting must be done from in front of the designated safety line (RED line). No shooting at all from behind the safety line.
  16. Safety Flags must be posted at the firing line. Yellow is to be hung before and whenever people go down range. Firearms are not to be handled when the Yellow flag is up. The Red flag must be hung before firearms may be handled and before shooting commences. Only ONE set of flags to be used at the 50/100/200 yard ranges. No handling or uncasing of firearms at the benches on any ranges if people are downrange of the benches. Even though the Red flag is displayed, you must wait until everyone is back at the benches before handling or uncasing firearms.
  17. Whenever an unsafe condition is observed, it is the obligation of that person to command an immediate “CEASE FIRE”.  No shooting will commence until after the unsafe condition has been resolved.
  18. All targets must be placed at the bullet impact berms. Targets and target holders are not to be moved forward.
  19. Only paper targets may be used on the target holders. Targets are to be stapled to the target holder backing boards. Do not staple targets to posts or stringer boards.
  20. Exploding targets are not allowed nor used on Club property. No shooting at the ground. No Tannerite, bouncers, reactive targets, clay pigeons, cans, tiles, bricks, etc., are to be placed on the ground, or anywhere on the ranges and used as targets.
  21. Metal stationary targets which are commercially made for target shooting may be used with Board approval. Falling Plates: Handguns only. Non-magnum rimfire and straight-wall pistol cartridges only. Caliber restrictions are posted at the plate range.
  22. No climbing is allowed on the bullet impact berms.
  23. No “skying” of firearms. This is the practice of holding the muzzle of the gun above the bullet impact berms before lowering it onto the target. An accidental discharge while taking aim in this manner will allow a bullet to leave the range.
  24. Keep all vehicles out of the down range areas except during range maintenance or changing of targets during Club sanctioned events.
  25. Use of shotgun shells loaded with buckshot or birdshot are not to be used on the pistol and rifle target holders.
  26. Live rounds may be disposed of in the RED boxes attached at various locations at the front of the covered firing lines.
  27. No spent cartridge cases may be dumped into the blue trash containers or into the club dumpster. Dump spent cartridge cases in the white buckets or take them home.
  28. No .50 cal. BMG is to be fired on the range.

Revised 6/11/21.