Falling Plates

Falling Plates Shooting will begin on TBA, weather permitting, every TBA. Time to get going putting lead on steel. Let’s break out the pistols and those pistol caliber carbines, shotguns, too, and start the season with a bang. Call the TBA – for additional information, schedules, times, and whatever.

Falling Plates Shooting is a game of pistol control. The targets are six hinged, eight-inch circular steel plates that fall over when struck. You can use any handgun, carbines in pistol calibers or shotguns shooting shot. The plates are set to fall when hit with a .22 rimfire bullet, so you don’t need to bring a centerfire gun.

The shooter begins from the low ready position and begins firing when the signal is given. Shooting stops when the ‘stop’ signal sounds. Only six rounds are loaded per string. Shooters shoot 2 strings of six plates each at four distances for a total of forty-eight rounds per match.

The first string is fired from six yards, the second from twelve yards, the third from eighteen yards and the fourth from twenty-four yards. Time allowed begins at six seconds for string one and increases one second per shooting distance.

The objective is to knock down as many plates as you can in the time allowed. The game seems to be about speed, but really is about gun control. You have to hit the plates to make points. Shooting fast and missing gets you nothing, so it’s best to concentrate on accuracy first and develop speed as you develop your skill. Participants should bring their own ear and eye protection.

Falling plates season to start the TBA, weather permitting, and continue every Wednesday, weather permitting, through October. Shooting begins about TBA

Carbines with pistol ammunition, any .22, any pistol, any shotgun with shot. No metal piercing full jacket ammo allowed. Pistols with .22 caliber ammo will knock down the plates so inexpensive fun is available.

Falling plates provides family fun so youngsters are most welcome. Call TBA, and we can discuss other dates and times.The official course of filer is 48 rounds fired in strings of 6 rounds, against the clock and from four distances. Efforts are made to provide brass pickup for shooters using pistols.