Contact US

Contact Us

Chief Okemos Sportsman’s Club
4667 N. Gunnell Rd
Dimondale, MI 48821

NOTE:  There is no clubhouse phone, so if you have questions about the club or a shooting sports event, please contact the appropriate person below.

Lost & Found:


President    Stu Miller  393-3178 (elected 01/14/19)
1st Vice   Ken Ecker  517-983-9195
2nd Vice  
Secretary    Dennis Dann  517-775-1965
Treasurer   Jane Kandler  517-646-7973

Board Members:
Past President – Ralph Batten 482-8169
Penny Batten  482-8169 (term expires 01/13/20)
Bill Ames  282-8085 (term expires 01/13/20)
John Gambill  646-0681 (term expires 01/08/21)
Jean Wank  646- 6753 (term expires 01/08/21)
Bob Tyler  484-2020 (term expires 01/08/21)
Penny Ecker  (term expires 01/14/21)
George O’Kon  517-749-0280 (term expires 01/14/22)
Kay Lockwood (term expires 01/14/22)

Mark Richardson 202-6000
Steve McGarry 575-9511

Jr Archery

Tim Hodgman 643-1497

Falling Plates

Clint Wells 974-4770

Cowboy Action

Duane Whaley 646-1611

Junior Hi-Power

Jim Stewart 646-9763

Junior .22 Rifle

Volunteer Needed

Adult Trap

Duane Whaley 646-1611


Gary Kandler 646-7973

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Sharon Whaley 646-1611

Black Powder

Lloyd Merchant 927-7264

Reloading Group

Dennis Dann

Hunter Education

Dennis Dann

Range Maintenance

Volunteer Needed

Grounds Maintenance

Wayne Walter 627-8247

Clubhouse Rental

Mike & Cathy Finn 408-0015

Member Volunteer Work Hours

Sharon Whaley 646-1611


Penny Batten 482-8169

New Member Orientation

Jim Ingison

NRA/COSC Membership Recruiting

Kirk Ginther  517-881-6022

Capital Area Friends of the NRA Committee

John Mann 694-1440

Newsletter and Webmaster
Sandy Enness

Aaron Lopez


COSC Members – If you’re submitting work hours, please contact Sharon Whaley (517) 646-1611 or fill out out the Hours Worksheet at the Clubhouse.

Thanks for your interest in COSC.


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