Join or Renew Your COSC Membership

COSC Membership Application (New or Renewal)

Chief Okemos Sportsman’s Club is always welcoming new members. Belonging to COSC includes these privileges and benefits:

• Seven-day-a-week access to all ranges during shooting hours, year round.
• Hunting access on COSC property (40 acres) during firearm and archery hunting seasons.
• Member discount rates on 3D archery and regular trap shooting.
• Member discount rate on clubhouse rental (some restrictions apply).
• Lots of opportunities to participate in club programs and activities.
• Monthly informative Newsletters.

An annual membership costs $125. All memberships expire on December 31st.
There is a $75 discount on the following year’s membership for those members who donate at least 15 hours of time working on Club projects and activities. Discounts are also available for seniors age 65+ who have been members in good standing for the previous five years.

Your membership application is subject to approval by the COSC Board of Directors after completion of an orientation presentation, which is scheduled before each Membership and Board of Directors meeting. You’ll be contacted by the membership committee to schedule your orientation.

Any person who is legally barred from owning or using firearms is not eligible for membership.

You can submit the membership application by printing it, completing it and sending it and your annual membership dues in the mail to:

COSC Membership
PO Box 375
Dimondale, MI 48821


If you have moved, please get your new address to the above email address to make sure you continue to receive your monthly newsletter.

Membership Committee:

Stu Miller – Spokesperson reporting committee activity at each Board Meeting.

Bill Shepard & Penny Batten – Co-Chairs who will receive all member applications and dues

Andy Powers – Orientation Presenter responsible for new member orientation and brining new members to the Board for approval

Bill Shepard – Monthly newsletter producer/publisher

Your Membership Committee is here to serve you. We welcome comments and suggestions at any time.


20 thoughts on “Join or Renew Your COSC Membership

  1. I am very interested in becoming a member. However my main focus is using my handguns. Any upcoming plans for a closer target? 5-15 yards?

  2. If I have a membership, may I bring guests to shoot with me that are not from my household? I am a single man and only shoot with a few people regularly but none live with me.

  3. Looking to attend your membership meeting on Monday (2-13-17), but can not find the time. Could you tell me when to there? Thanks.
    Ron Rademacher

  4. I have been interested and looking into joining a club myself and my wife. We have been C.P.L approved in the past but we have so much family life right now our son just graduated from the Marines all respect to the military. Next to the birth of my children easily the most powerful day of my life that being said would really be interested in joining a fine group 50 year olds 60 year olds and the like. More our age group please contact with any information would be greatly appreciated thank you and please keep up your work it’s very important we have clubs like this.

    • Our club is a family oriented shooting club with adult members ranging from age 18 to seasoned shooters in their 50s, 60s, and up. It sounds like our club could be a good fit for your needs. Please feel welcomed to attend any General Membership meeting, or contact our Membership Chairs to get additional information on the club.

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