Club Ranges and Grounds

The COSC facility features seven ranges, including:

  • One rifle range, with targets at 50 yards, 100 yards and 200 yards.
  • Two independently-controlled pistol ranges, each with targets at 25 yards.
  • One 7 yard pistol range.A 30-minute Range Orientation is required for all members who plan on using the new 7 yard pistol range. Orientation is taught by Duane Whaley. You can contact Duane at 517-646-1611 for more info or to arrange a time that may be better for your schedule.
  • One standard trap range with trap house and automatic target thrower.
  • One regular archery range with 2D targets at varying distances.
  • One 3-D archery course, with thirty life-size 3-D targets.

Please Remember:  No live or spent rounds, including brass, steel and aluminum cases, and shotgun hulls are to be thrown in BLUE trash barrels or the dumpster. PLEASE take your spent casings with you when you leave or deposit them in the WHITE plastic buckets at each range. DO NOT take brass that does not belong to you.