Club Ranges and Grounds

Range Committee Update

Our new President, Sharon Whaley, has asked the Range Committee, chaired by John Gambill, to set up a long range plan for the Club concerning what needs to be done, plans and cost estimates.

On the agenda at the moment is controlling the water runoff from the property efficiently, rebuilding the range driveway, the installation of a cable operated target system on the west 25 yard range, the construction of a new range shed, enclosing one of the shooting areas to allow for winter shooting and a few other items that will need to be done as time and money allow.

The first priority will be water control along with the driveway rebuild once the drainage system is in place. Next will be the new target system on the 25 yard range.

We believe we will have the plans ready by this month to present to the Board of Directors for their approval for the first phase so work can begin as soon as possible, weather allowing. There will be plenty of opportunity for members to get hours in as there will be quite a lot of work to be done. A sign-up list for work will be available starting this month.

The COSC facility features six ranges, including:

  • One rifle range, with targets at 50 yards, 100 yards and 200 yards.
  • Two independently-controlled pistol ranges, each with targets at 25 yards.
  • One standard trap range with trap house and automatic target thrower.
  • One regular archery range with 2D targets at varying distances.
  • One 3-D archery course, with thirty life-size 3-D targets.


Please Remember:  No live or spent rounds, including brass, steel and aluminum cases, and shotgun hulls are to be thrown in BLUE trash barrels or the dumpster. PLEASE take your spent casings with you when you leave or deposit them in the WHITE plastic buckets at each range.

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