Adult Trap Shooting

Shotguns, clay pigeons for trap shooting.

Trap Shooting 2020  Weather permitting, Open trap season gets underway on TBA at noon. As in years past,we offer Open Trap to members and the public on Sunday (noon) and Thursday (5 PM). Open trap is also held at our Thursday Breakfast starting at 9 AM.

The fee is $5.00 for members and $6.00 for non-members. Newcomers are welcome and our NRA instructors will help you learn.

This is a great family shooting sport and fun for all ages. We have NRA Instructors who are more than willing to work with new shooters.

Trap Shooting is a shooting sport where the objective is the breaking of a fast-moving clay target. Shooting is done from five adjacent positions in a crescent-shaped formation 16 yards behind the “trap”.

Shooting is done in rotation, with the person in the number one position firing first and so on. Each person fires at an individual target. After each has fired five shots from a particular position on the crescent, all move one station to the right until everyone on the squad has fired from all five positions for a total of 25 shots.

The “trap” is concealed in a low house in front of the shooting stations. Clay targets are thrown from the house at various angles unknown to the shooter. The targets are thrown away from the “trap” 48-52 yards and in any direction within a radius of 44 degrees. The arc is centered on the “trap” and station 3.

The principles of lead, swing, and follow-through are applicable to all forms of shotgun shooting, so trap shooting is a great way to develop good shooting habits that will carry over to wing shooting in the field.

COSC offers trap shooting to its members, guests and the public every Thursday beginning at 5:00 PM and every Sunday beginning at noon, normally starting in May.

Cost per round to members is $4 and to the public is $5.

Bring your shotgun and a box of shells and join in the fun. Experienced shooters are always on hand to help with the rules and to offer shooting tips.

For more information, contact TBA. Participants should bring their own ear and eye protection.