Range Closure due to COVID-19

March 28, 2020


From Dan Reid, President COSC, and the board of directors.

To the membership of Chief Okemos Sportsman’s Club.

Subject: All ranges are temporarily closed.

I hope this finds you safe and well,

It is with sincere displeasure that I must inform everyone that the ranges are closed effective March 28, 2020 until 9am April 14, 2020 or until such time as Governor Whitmer’s executive order 2020-21 is expired or there is no longer a “stay home” order affecting travel and use of public and private facilities in the state.

This was a decision made at an emergency meeting of the board of directors today and was not taken lightly. The meeting was held due to the lack of response from the AG and Governor’s offices for guidance on the subject. All public ranges are closed as well as many private ones.

Some of the key points in closing the ranges were,

  1. Compliance with Executive Order 2020-21. “This order must be construed broadly to prohibit in-person work that is not necessary to sustain or protect life.”
  2. Hygiene guidelines. Apparently, the Coronavirus endures in cooler temperatures and on metal objects. Like the lock to get in, firearms, ammunition, certain range facilities, etc. We have no employees to decontaminate surfaces at the ranges.
  3. Putting other members at risk in shared facilities.

I’m certain that many of you are reading this with concern to the second amendment. We also share that earnestness. I, for one, am offended by the outright suspension of the right to peaceably assemble guaranteed by the first amendment as well. Throughout this whole process we have endured and continue to, things that are evolving rapidly. As an American citizen I am very watchful of government intervention of our rights.

As such, I have repeatedly contacted the Attorney General’s office to seek clarification as to close or remain open for just the ranges. I have not had a simple yes or no answer and have not found one that will satisfy it. Including looking at the FAQ for the state “that is updated almost hourly” and has not changed in three days. My request has been forwarded by the AG office to the Governor’s office for a decision. Since we are a gun range, I’m not optimistic in a timely or satisfactory reply. Since we have not been able to get a response up or down, we, the executive board, have elected to close the ranges.

In addition to the ranges closing until April 14 at 9am, the board has voted to cancel or postpone all other operations on the COSC grounds until April 14th or such time as the stay home order is lifted.
There will be no scheduled membership or board meeting in April.
The NRA Basic Shotgun class is cancelled.
Wheezers and geezers remains suspended.
RSO class suspended.
All trap shooting suspended.
Cowboy action suspended.
All hunters education classes.

April is when the club awakens from its hibernation with many activities firing back up. Hopefully everything will be up and running again on the 14th.  Currently scheduled are a defensive pistol course on April 18th and a black powder shoot April 25th that may occur if the conditions allow it.

We look forward to the end of this emergency and the full restitution of our rights as Americans.

Those caught attempting to use the ranges during the closure may be subject to disciplinary action described in the by-laws.

Be watchful, be wary, be safe,

Dan Reid
President COSC