COSC Virtual Buck Pole

male whitetail deer

When you bag your beast, please email a photo with your name to COSC Web Coordinator, Sandy Enness, at to be posted on our virtual buck pole.  If you’d like to share your hunting tale in how you bagged your beast, that would be great.

2016 Firearms Season

COSC member, Barry Shappell, shares his 2016 deer story:

These two were harvested at 10:00am on opening morning. They were walking together through the woods. The broken 8pt first then the nice spike. Firearm was a Bushmaster 450 AR. Deer were harvested in SE Ionia county near the CWD area.

The spike was aged and checked by the DNR for Bovine TB and CWD, both proved negative. The large wound on the spike’s shoulder was later determined to be a puncture wound created by another buck. Apparently while fighting the spike was gored, the other bucks antler was ripped out at an angle and tore the skin away.

After my butcher skinned the spike buck a small hole about the size of 3/8th” in diameter continued another 1/2″ deeper into the shoulder inside the large wound.  No other sign of trauma from a broken branch, an arrow, bullet or vehicle contact in or around the wound. On the other side the spike had numerous scars under the skin from fighting. Butcher commented he had quite an attitude for a 1 1/2yr old.



COSC member, Andy Powers, shares his 2016 deer story:

I shot this buck at 7:20am opening morning with my CVA Hunter in .44 caliber.  He has 11 points.  I continued to sit until 11:30am.  In the meantime I saw 5 more bucks.  Great hunt and great morning in Northern Michigan!






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