Virtual Buck Pole

male whitetail deer

When you bag your beast, please email a photo with your name to COSC Web Coordinator, Sandy Enness, at to be posted on our virtual buck pole.  If you’d like to share your hunting tale in how you bagged your beast, that would be great.

2018 Bow & Firearms Season

Teenager with deer he shot during hunting season.

Hunter Bartlett took this 9pt Opening Day morning.


Man with deer he shot during hunting season

Stephen Dye

COSC member, Stephen Dye, took this big buck on Opening Day of bow season.

Eaton County
185lbs Hanging

Came in at 7:20pm. Had 10 minutes to stare at him till he gave me a shot at 15 yards. Biggest to date. Can’t wait to get him scored.


Man posing with deer he shot with a bow and arrow.

Steve McGarry

COSC member and 3D Archery range keeper, Steve McGarry shares that on Oct. 14th, “I was able to arrow a 6-point buck thru the heart at 20 yards. Thanks in part to having access to a great 3D range to practice at COSC.”

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