COSC Virtual Buck Pole

male whitetail deer

When you bag your beast, please email a photo with your name to COSC Web Coordinator, Sandy Enness, at to be posted on our virtual buck pole.  If you’d like to share your hunting tale in how you bagged your beast, that would be great.

2017 Firearms Season

Hunter showing the deer he shot.COSC member, Dennis Vaughan tells his tale…My wife (Jodi E Darling) and I had just returned to my deer camp from dropping off a small 4 pt, 125 lbs  1 1/2  year old  I had taking the night before 11-16-17.We had takem that one to the DNR Check Station for CWD.

Thinking I was pretty much done for the year as we still had Venison from last season I had no plans on taking another Deer and the 4 pt was at Hannas in Sunfield so we had fresh Venison for the freezer. As I pulled into my brothers driveway I told my wife to look in the bean fields as we drove in, that she might see some deer.

When all of a sudden  she said OMG LOOK at that one! Standing out in the middle of the field at about 11:30 am stood this buck! Just like everyone has seen in the Magazine’s some weeds hanging from his antlers looking pretty DVaughan buckfor his girl friends!

So not stopping  I drove back to my camp and picked up my 1187 Remington 12ga.with a Hastings Barrel with a made in Michigan  Mueller 3-7 scope loaded with 2 3/4 inch Lightfield  Sabot slugs 1 1/4 oz.

Donning my Hunter Orange hat I retuned to the tree line, to find he had move to the next field, about 100 yard from the first sighting. So as he stood fully broadside at 130 yards ( Bushnell Range Finder)  I place one round through both lungs!

It doesn’t get much better or easier than this! Not only did I get more Venison for our freezer but some close friends of ours got to have some too.

This one was also taking to the DNR Check Station for CWD and I’m happy to report the both tested negative.

Happy to share this 2 1/2 year old, 8pt, 16 1/2 inch inside spread, 160 lbs  taking on 11-17-17 with you all COSC.


Man holding antlers of the deer he shot during hunting season.COSC member, Patrick Strang says, “Our freezer was getting a little low on venison. So, I’ve been going out every possible day looking for a doe. I haven’t seen a buck in our area for over a month. Last Saturday morning this 9 point meanders 60 yards away. Backstraps for dinner this weekend!”






COSC member, Barry Shappell, shares photos of his successful deer hunt: Shot this 6pt buck 2nd day of season using a Ruger #1 in 450 Bushmaster, and this 9 pt on Nov 25th.barry s 2


Man kneeling in grass showing the deer he shot during deer hunting season.



COSC member, Jason Hall and his son, Daimon share their 2017 deer story:

My son, 16 year old Daimon Hall was finally successful in his hunt on Opening Day with a 3 point (darn ‘almost’ 4th point). Only a small story with him. We barely saw his head Boy with his gun and deer he shot during hunting season.and rack sticking out of the tall weeds. We watched him graze in those weeds for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then we thought he laid down. About 5 minutes later, we were surprised as he was to our right a little bit, which meant that he had to cross a beaten down lightly used 2-track. Daimon was itching to shoot his first buck so he let it fly and it fell. He was so excited as expected that I had to calm him and tell him to rack a new shell and keep an eye on the spot. Daimon is a 3 year Youth Trap Program Shooter at COSC)

I turned successful Saturday the 18th morning with a 7 point (again, those darn ‘almost’ points).  The story with this one goes;  He sprung and then dropped from my shot.  I was ecstatic and thought he was an 8.  As I let him be for a second, I look slightly to his left and I see him again!!!  I knew it was totally possible that I could have lost him in the weeds that could be as high as his head.  So I shoot 2 more times as he paused for each shot, and missed both.  I sat inJason Hall deer utter disgust, but trying to calm myself since I was using my son’s 12ga (the black Mossberg 500 in his pic).  We knew after him shooting the 3 point in the lower neck that his gun was shooting high left.  So after 2 hours of self remorse, I finally decided to call it a morning.  I knew I had to go make sure of my failure, and sure was glad that I did.  I find him very quickly by lining up my hunting blind with what I knew was the background behind my shot.  Ends up it was his buddy that I missed with the 2nd and 3rd shots.  And as I found him, I spooked a doe keeping overwatch on him.  It had been confirmed again this year, that there was a pair of 8 points roaming the area, as is usual every year.


COSC member, Steve McGarry (Archery leadership), shares his 2017 deer story:

Nov. 16th, 2017 4:15 pm.  Shot this ten point buck at 70 yards in Jackson County. Using a Savage model 220 bolt action, with a Leupold Ultimateslam 2x7x33 scope. Ammo: was Hornady SST 20 ga. 2 3\4″ 250 gr. slug.

Man showing a deer from a deer hunnt.Dressed out weight was 152 lbs, aged by DNR at 3 1\2 years old

Aided by Hunters  Specialty Doe in Estrus scent wafer, Primos Trophy Grunter  Grunt Call, Ameristep pop-up ground blind, with hunter orange rain fly, Gander Mountain shooting stick, Gander Mountain Guide Series folding chair, and Mr. Heater portable Buddy LP gas heater.

deer and rifle from a deer hunt





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