COSC History

Chief Okemos Sportsman Club was founded in 1946 by C. Woodruff, A. Kozma, G. Fleming, W. Mitchler, J.Dammon, N. Dill and M Conger. Meetings were held in a barber shop in Okemos.

Early activities were coon dog field trials, bait casting, fishing trips, trapshoots, turkey shoots and organized hunts for bear, fox, bobcats, coon and birds.

Yearly dues for membership in 1946 is not known, but in 1949 dues were raised to $2.00.The treasury in 1946 had a balance of $171.79, in 1947 $186.42, 1948 $200.42 and 1949 $409.18.

In 1950, a motion was voted on to accept Ladies’ memberships.

In 1952, the treasury balance was $1441.97 for a building and site fund $315.97 for the general fund. The proceeds made on a smelt supper was $30.00and $69.50 on coon dog field trials.

In 1953, C.O.S.C. became involved in NRA Hunter safety courses and also worked with adult education on casting clinics at Eastern High School.

In 1954, during the discussion about looking for property, the club account had $2402.09 and in

In 1955, the 39.85 acres where the club is now was purchased on a cash deal for $2030.00. Membership count was 308 and the treasury had $500in it. 

In 1956, the Club Treasury was $752.02. There were 323 members and the first Junior Club was formed.  MUCC yearly dues were raised from 25 cents to 60 cents and club membership dues went to a whopping $2.50 per year. 

In 1957, the Club Treasury was $638.10 and there were 186 members. The first Club House was built NE of the present club house, a 14′ x 20′ building, a trap house and cement block outhouse were added later. 

1958 saw the Treasury at $375.41 and club membership at 105. A motion was passed to paint the club house, trap house and the shooting bench red. A motion was carried to limit office holders to 2 years and there was a discussion about just a few people doing all the work. The club property was assessed at $5,880. 

In December of 1960 the Treasury held $2,299.29 and club membership was at 121. The rifle range was ready for use and the first Hunter Safety was held with 143 boys attending.

From 1955 to 1960 there was over 6,000 trees planted on COSC property.

In 1965, membership was at 228 and officers were Dave Wank as President, Jim Davis as VP, Jean Wank as Secretary and Herman Grimes as Treasurer. The January balance was $605.00

1965 was a busy year for the Wank family – Dave Wank was elected president of COSC and over the years held that post 4 times. He also signed up Rep. W. N. Goemaere’s first membership to the NRA. Dave won trap shooting at a major muzzle loaders competition. Alan Wank won a jr. riffle competition held at COSC and Jean Wank was elected Secretary of COSC (the first woman to hold that post). She is also the first woman mentioned to be on the Board of Directors. Thank you Wank Family.

In 1967 the basement of our present club house was built. the blocks, mortar and sand came from Standard Block and Supply Co. Building supplies, trusses, plates and plywood came from Parker Lumber in Dimondale at a cost of $2,095.57. The trusses were up but not yet sheeted and a heavy wind blew them all down. There is a picture in the history book.

1969 saw membership dues at $10.00 a year and a $4.00 initiation fee and a late fee of $2.00. The first meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary was held and the Dimondale Horseshoe Pitchers merged with COSC. Evidence of the huge horseshoe court is still seen west of the club house.

There were 173 members, the general fund had $331.86 and our property taxes were $259.75 per year.

All this information is available to us do to the TLC of Sandy and Stu Miller.